Webinar "European sentiments: sovereignism and Europeanism" and European Project EAST, 24 September

Updated: Feb 3

Following the forth issue of L'orizzonte degli eventi. Quaderni geopolitici e analisi giuridiche (click here to download), the magazine of our Study Center, and considering the forthcoming end of the EAST project, AMIStaDeS is pleased to launch the event about "European sentiments: sovereignism and Europeanism under test".

The event will start by presenting the results of the Entrepreneurship as Self-employment Tool (EAST), a European project in which AMIStaDeS has been involved as an Italian partner. EAST was mainly directed at unemployed people, including migrants and people at risks of social exclusion. Its objective was to implement a training programme aimed at the development of entrepreneurship and small business management skills.

In the second part of the event, our analysts will present the No. 4 of L'orizzonte degli eventi, thus providing an overview of the origins, developments and features of the Europeanism and sovereignism’ phenomena. In particular, the discussion will focus on the countries that, despite being part of the Union, do not apply its principles and values at the internal level. The Brexit case will also be addressed, as a landmark of the Euroscepticism wave. In the end, the rise of the Eurosceptic parties in Italy and their impact on the EU perception among the population will be investigated.

For the EAST presentation our speakers will be:

Claudia Candelmo

Secretary General and Responsible for Orizzonte degli Eventi, AMIStaDeS

Federica De Paola

International Projects Director, AMIStaDeS

Followed by the authors of Orizzonte degli Eventi:

Eugenia Esposito

Communication Assistant, European Union Analyst, AMIStaDeS

Marco D’Amato

Communication Director, European Union Analyst, AMIStaDeS

The event will start at 6:30 pm on Google Meet.

L’incontro, che avrà inizio alle ore 18:30, si terrà su Google Meet.

>> Participation is free of charge only upon registration on the